Sunday, April 15, 2007

GRN Hustings - The Future of Glasgow's Communities

Do you want to highlight an issue going on in your community? Do you feel what passes for a political debate never talks about your community's problems and concerns? Here's your chance to raise your issues for once in a high profile public debate! The Glasgow Residents' Network and the Scottish Tenants' Organisation

Present for one night only:-

A Public Debate on, The Future of Glasgow's Communities, Tuesday 24th April 2007, at 7.15pm for 7.30pm, at the Quality Hotel (previously The Central Hotel), 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3SF [Inside Central Station].

* Do you believe casino 'regeneration' is real and for you?
* Do you believe your community is safe in the hands of …x.…?
* Do you believe the hype that housing associations hold the key to
the housing crisis?
* Do want to sell off local parks and amenities for housing?
* Are tenants being treated fairly by landlords?
* Are you facing large bills from your factor?
* Does planning take into account the wishes of the local community?
* Do you feel safe in your community?
* Do you want to see an end to dawn raids?
* Are you concerned about the lack of facilities for young people?

* If these and other questions affect you then come along to, The
Future of Glasgow's Communities husting

This is our chance to put politicians on the spot! We're going to have a number of active community campaigns and residents associations present at the event to set the scene by talking about their communities and issues, many of which are being ignored by government. Invited prospective politicians include:

Tommy Sheridan MSP, Solidarity; Sandra White MSP, SNP; Robert Brown MSP, Lib Dem, Patrick Harvie MSP, Greens; Others include ~ Conservative Party, Communist Party, Scottish Socialist Party, the ruling New Labour Party .

All Welcome ~ See you there!

For info call 07976 718 111, or email:, or

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