Sunday, April 15, 2007

Govanhill Baths Community Trust
UPDATE 34. April 14th 2007
No we have not disappeared we have been busy on various projects and the Friends of the Baths have been meeting every 2nd and fourth Tuesday and building towards the submission of the Business Plan the council requested for end of July after granting us a 99 year lease last September.

Since the last Update we have had a technical difficulty with our mailing list of some 400 folk. We know that four or five individuals asked to removed from the list and unfortunately these will remain on this let, do contact us again to let us know who you are and we shall remove you from our list.


PLEASE SEE ATTACHED detail of the charity concert arranged for 22nd April at the Fotheringay Church Hall (Hutcheson’s Grammar school hall now). This has come about as a result of the invitation from Hutcheson’s school and the minister Rev Paul Judd who are keen to help local and worth charities. We have planning it since last November.

The concert is a combination of European and “Asian” classical music and a 22 piece orchestra has been assembled. They are all national professional players and several are senior pupils from Hutcheson’s itself.

On the night we will be making announcements about the pool developments and you will be able to purchase memorabilia! Pool pens, swimming bags etc and there will be refreshments.

Entrance is £5.00 but you will need a ticket. If you can sell more do let us know or contact Nicola on the attached.


We have now taken the lease of a charity shop in Calder Street (just at the junction with Victoria Road). This has meant a major effort in fund raising of course and we plan to open early in May. Already we have a much stock but we need more particularly quality goods of any sort and MOST IMPORTANT we need volunteers to help run the shop. If there is anyone with signwriting skills, decorating or shop fitting expertise or who can donate shop fittings, paint and the rest do get in touch.

The shop will be a major signal to the community that this Trust is determined to see these baths opened as we have stipulated as a Well Being and Sports Centre. We need all hands now for this final shove and we are confident that the shop can be a major focus for our efforts.

Please get in touch if you can help in any of the ways mentioned above.


The reader can imagine the surprise and huge disappointment the Trust Board felt when it was announced in the Evening Times two months ago that Glasgow City Council had agreed to spend £6M on the development of a sporting and swimming facility in Maryhill! We are delighted for the people there and congratulate those who have been lobbying hard for community facilities in Maryhill.

But why we have to ask is it possible to spend this sort of money there and help a community whilst a voluntary local group in Govanhill has toiled for 5 years to save Govanhill Baths? No mention has been made of these plans in the several meetings we have had with the council and formal requests for funding our scheme have been declined. (Although we have had formal statements of intent to use the facility from the Directors of Education and Culture and Leisure Services Departments and offers of professional advice).

We shall now be making a formal request again to the council for substantial financial assistance in the development of our plans.


And now the good news for all those who would be fitter and healthier or are already!

The 13th May is the Glasgow women’s 10K and 16th June (Father’s Day) is the men’s. We are setting ourselves the challenge of finding enough men and women to raise at least £10K each - £20K in total.

We have some training schedules and will be organising fitness runs between now and the events. The training runs will represent the inauguration of the Govanhill Community Harriers! (Other events are planned for this new club).

We also attach a sponsor form for those who want to get started immediately.

Your reward apart from the satisfaction of course will be a free Govanhill Baths T Shirt and a certificate of membership of the Harriers!

If you would like to run or be involved in the Harriers call Andrew on 0777999583. Or just come along to the next Friends of the Baths meeting on Tuesday 31st April – see below.

Further information at;


We continue to meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Daisy Street Community Centre at 7pm. Next meeting is on Tuesday 31st April.