Thursday, November 24, 2005

Residents anger at St Vincent Crescent development

A WEST END community claimed this week that Glasgow City Council are placing "profit before people" through a joint marketing agreement for a new development in Finnieston which will see the council and Scottish Power share over £5mil-lion. Scottish Power currently leases its land in Finnieston for £50k a year, but the proposed property deal on the four acre site would mean that Scottish Power would receive £4.75million of any sale up to £5.5m.

Scottish Power agreed a 99-year lease on the site with the council in 1968, meaning that they have the rights to remain on the site, subject to review every 21 years. The next review is due to take place ; in 2010. Glasgow City Council would receive £0.75m from the sale, while any capital receipts from funds generated above a £5.5m sale would be split equally between Scottish Power and the council. The Conservation Area Appraisal for St Vincent Crescent was approved in April stating that a "Conservation area designation should be regarded as the first positive step towards an area's protection and enhancement."

THE ST VINCENT CRESCENT Area Association has labelled the Conservation Area Appraisal for St Vincent Crescent as a "sham" and claim the development will "ruin the character and history of the Crescent." Liz Taylor, Secretary of the St Vincent Crescent Residents Association said: "Glasgow City Council is supposed to be protecting and preserving our architectural heritage and built environment for the benefit of future generations. However this property deal is directly opposed to these core values. We therefore believe that the marketing partnership for St Vincent Crescent needs to be scrutinised before matters progress further and we all live to regret the consequences." MSP Pauline McNeil expressed her concern and stated that she was supporting the residents in their objections. She also said that: "Given that an application has already failed, I am hoping that the Planning Committee will uphold the same standards and make it clear to any future applications that conservation rules remain as standard."

Scottish Power has already lodged a detailed planning application for a residential development of 132 units on the land. The application is currently under consideration and has been the subject of a large number of objections by residents, who have highlighted concerns about traffic management proposals and an absence of family accommodation.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council commented that: "The marketing agreement is seeking to take forward a new housing opportunity in the city. It will see the replacement of an old industrial depot with good quality housing." Scottish Power' s spokesperson said: "Scottish Power are in partnership with Glasgow City Council and any proposal for a site will take into consideration the surrounding area." West End News

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MSP claims 'money put before pupils' at new school site

THE GAP SITE that has been ear-marked for the location of the new "super-school" was chosen because the council were unable to make any money on it, an MSP has claimed this week.

Five schools across the west end are to be closed -all of which are in prime land- and amalgamated into one, which will be located on the site in Gibson Street and Otago Street which is currently used for parking by local businesses and residents. It has now emerged that the land wouldn't make any money for the council if sold to developers due to the drainage problems that the land faces.

The site has been valued at £2.5million, but reductions would mean that it would end up being sold for nothing. On the other hand, the sites that the five schools are located, Notre Dame, Billhead, Willowbank, Kelvinhaugh and St Peter's, stand to make the council huge sums of cash if sold to property developers. MSP Sandra White said: "It looks like they are putting money before pupils. Rather than let the land go for free the council will use it though parents are worried about the location.

"The decision to choose Gibson Street makes a mockery of consultation." A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: "This is the only spare land in the area owned by the council and it meets the requirements." West End News

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Park Fears over "Super-School" site

councillor Niall Walker has expressed misgivings that the proposed new West End primary 'super-school' at the Gibson and Otago Street gap site could impact upon the running of Kelvingrove Park.Cllr. Walker is concerned that a depot used as space to store equipment for the running and maintenance of Park would have to be demolished to make way for the proposed 12,500 sq. metre '"Site. Speaking to the West End Mail Cllr. Walker said: "As community councillor, I am concerned that equipment, which is absolutely essential to the running of the park could be sent miles away to the other side of the city. >>>>>>>>>> "Anytime a lawn-mower is needed it would have to come from another part of the city which is clearly not the ideal, the ideal is to have the equipment in or near to where it is needed." Proposals for the new £9.8m school are currently undergoing an extensive consultation process. A council spokeswoman said: "We will not be commenting on any individual views or opinions whilst this is underway. All responses should be sent in writing to the director of education by the 9 December." She also added that there is extensive information available on the council's website. West End Mail

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

CTC Scotland & TRANSform Scotland - Strategies for walking and cycling?

This is a one-day seminar to help campaigners (particularly those involved in cycling and walking campaigns) to get to grips with the new National Transport Strategy and the revised Regional Transport Strategies. It is an opportunity for any transport activists to come together to learn to work together.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Football kids miss out as Glasgow fails green test

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Govanhill Baths Trust - Swimmers left high and dry by neglected pools - The Telegraph

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

GOVANHILL BATHS COMMUNITY TRUST UPDATE 24 November 1st 2005 & car boot sale

1. Our third car boot sale will take place at Polmadie this Saturday 5th November from 8am until about 3pm.
If anyone is thinking of clearing out their very best (or even worst) unwanted items we would be glad to have them. We proudly boast we can sell anything! All items can be uplifted. Contact us at this address.
Car Boot Sales are making valuable funds for running the Trust – please tell and or ask others for items. And come and buy on Saturday

We have written to Ronnie O’Conner and Bridgett O’Connell (Directors who have recently been teamed together in a Commission and whose purposes coincide very much with our own)) inviting their departments to become partners with the Trust. We are also seeking grant aid from the Council for free swimming for children and senior citizens should we manage to open the pool. Free swimming in these categories is made available to all Glasgow citizens at the Council's pools. We need to make a calculation in the bid we are preparing for the council due on March 14th 2006. We await a reply. (Attached for interest and information).

Further letter to Steve suggesting a meeting to discuss issues arising from the commitment of the council to Community Planning Partnerships and other issues and the way in which they impinge on decisions being made about the Healthy Living Centre proposed by the Trust on behalf of the south side community. We await a reply (Attached for interest and information).

4. Coffee Morning and Home Baking Sale

On Saturday 3rd December there will be a Coffee Morning and Home Baking sale from 10am until Noon. Venue in Govanhill to be confirmed shortly. Do you have a favourite cake you can bake?

5. Next Meeting of Friends of Baths next Tuesday 8th November 2005, 7pm Daisy Street - all welcome.

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