Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News from SOOT Edinburgh

Hello SOOT Supporter (Please pass on this important email to all your contacts)
What a weekend of results. Those important to the campaign are the following Caltongate Supporters not being electedLabour Cllr Trevor Davies (now former Planning Convener of the Council) remember this http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1856542006
He blames the alphabet for his departure -

Labour Cllr Bill Cunningham now former local councillor for Holyrood (now incorporated into larger 3 councillor city centre ward) this is the councillor who told members of his ward that he did not represent them but the labour led council and who seconded the motion to sell off the common good land to Mountgrange in June 2005, if they the council grant them planning permission for Caltongate.

Donald Anderson former leader of the Council did not fulfil his dream of becoming a Labour Msp for Edinburgh South. Donald Anderson has said: "Caltongate development offers a terrific opportunity to transform this area from a neglected backwater into a vibrant integrated part of the city centre. "

New Council (no longer Labour Dominated)
Scottish Liberal Democrats 17 Scottish Labour Party 15 Scottish National Party (SNP) 12 Scottish Conservative and Unionist 11 Scottish Green Party 3

"The future of the £300 million Caltongate project has been thrown into doubt by the results"


Even although there has been a change for the better and the campaign can celebrate the departure of those former councillors, it is important that objections still roll in, so that these incoming councillors can see that these plans are overwhelmingly unpopular among locals as well as people from around the globe. So PLEASE get your objections in as soon as you can...if you require further help and advice do email us here at the campaign.
The following link
http://eh8.org.uk/action is to step by step guide on how to object. If you do not have time to object to all, then you may feel objecting to the demolitions of the tenements and listed buildings are your priorities. Every objection counts. You can be any AGE, NATIONALITY and LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD TO OBJECT TO THE PLANNING APPLICATIONS

on behalf of
The SOOT Campaign

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