Thursday, September 28, 2006

The proposed humungous Tesco at Yorkhill

The proposed humungous Tesco at Yorkhill, which involves,among other things, demolition of the Partick Central station ticket office (more recently the HQ of A1 cabs) on the bridge from Partick Cross to the hospitals. I took a note of the details in case anyone wants to file a separate
objection, see:
NB deadline for objections is tomorrow!!

Here's how you file an objection (the info is also on the tescopoly site):

In particular, these are the ONLY grounds on which you can file an objection:
- Contrary to the Development Plan
- Appearance (design, materials, scale, massing, etc)
- Traffic, parking and access problems
- Residential amenity (noise, overshadowing, overlooking, developing
too much garden space) Effect on Listed Buildings and Conservation

...(NB Jim, 'blocking my view' isn't on the and list, they are allowed
to ignore letters which use that objection!). There's a sample
objection letter on the tescopoly website.

- Baz

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Glasgow Residents Groups Network - Campaigning activities

Our campaigning activities

Proposals for discussion at the moment include holding a permanent protest outside Granite House, targetted protests at intransigent LHO offices, staging a GHA tenants and homeowners roadshow to raise awareness of the issues across Glasgow communities

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Tesco kills-off local shopping and will do the same in Partick

Join this Boycott
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in the bid to be the cheapest and most popular supermarket in the UK, tesco have always done more than their fair share of brutalising when it comes to dictating terms to farmers. in order to source cheaply they vastly increase the 'food miles' attached to each product. unfortunately the company goes from strength to strength, expanding into central and eastern europe, putting local shops out of business, in short, the 'wall mart' effect. with its recent foray into the cheap clothing market, we are about to witness further financial success, further shareholder satisfaction, and further pressure on textile workers who bear the brunt of increased competition: $1 a day for a 72-hour week. with slogans like 'every little helps' and 'helping you spend less every day' the company makes itself out to be the consumer's friend, but in reality it is the planet's enemy.


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Special reductions: Tesco cuts retail village plans after outcry - The Herald

The move comes in the same week as the dominance of supermarkets in community life and their power over suppliers came under scrutiny.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Working for a rejection of housing stock transfer in Renfrewshire

Your help is wanted and needed. You can also call 07976 718 111 to say you want to help. There is to be a ballot of all council tenants in Renfrewshire on the proposal to transfer from the council to Renfrewshire housing association ltd, starting on September 19th. We have been working for 2 1/2 years in preparation for this, and are
confident that we can win a NO vote to put further pressure on government
following the NO vote in Edinburgh last year. However, Renfrewshire council
have been spending millions of pounds in recent weeks to bribe tenants with
glossy leaflets, bus adverts, and canvassers.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. The groundwork has been done. Our own surveys
suggest that we are just ahead, but we need to consolidate our vote and
dispel the myths in the next few weeks. WE NEED AS MANY VOLUNTEERS TO COME
today.... Please !

Every Thursday night until the ballot we will be meeting at 6.30pm in the
Lagoon leisure centre carpark in the centre of Paisley (access from Mill
street, opposite the police station and council building). If people are
arriving later, or wish to leaflet or canvass on another day, they can phone
me for materials and details of where to go.

We would greatly appreciate any help other branches, groups or individuals
can give. A NO vote here would be likely to sink this policy for Scotland,
and force them to invest the money directly. Please spread the word.

Many thanks

Gerry McCartney
secretary of Renfrewshire Defend Council Housing.
Contact - or 0798
554 5872.

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